Use different features of LinkedIn

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Here are some final tips to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

Career Preference

Use LinkedIn’s Career Preference feature. In Jobs section you can tell what kind of job opportunities you are looking for, where and from what field. Tell about your requests concerning your future work. You will get personal job advertisements about the vacancies that could suit you. A clear description of a requested job gives the recruiter an indication that you are determined.

Alumni feature – career planning tool

Are you wondering what to do with your degree? With LinkedIn Alumni you can take a look what the alumni of your field do nowadays. Alumni Tools show you where and in what field people work, what they studied, what is their expertise and how you are linked with them.

Alumni feature is also a practical information search tool for those who have been working for a longer time.

  • You can access Alumni page by any university’s LinkedIn page. It can be your own Alma Mater or another school. Anything you are interested in.
  • Write the name of the school into the Search bar.
  • Tap Alumni.
  • Here you see a list of people who have told LinkedIn that they have studied at the university in question.
  • Alumni Tools shows you where and in what field people work, what they studied, what is their expertise and how you are linked with them.
  • You can specify your search by using filters or your own key words.
  • LinkedIn proposes profiles that meet your criteria.

With Alumni Tools you can look at other people’s career paths and get some ideas for your career. At the same time you can find key words, employers and jobs in your line. Don’t be afraid of visiting profiles of people you know or don’t know. In an ideal case, your profile will also be visited. You can also pick up some ideas how to discuss your previous tasks and expertise.

Explore profiles, tasks, career paths and expertise and be in touch!

You can also find this feature on the company’s LinkedIn page.

  • Write the name of the company you are interested in into the Search bar.
  • Add Company filter and press Enter
  • Click People on the left sidebar.
  • Here you can find workers in that company in the same way as in Alumni Tools.

LinkedIn mobile

LinkedIn also works on your mobile device. You may notice that using LinkedIn with your mobile device is much more restricted compared to your desktop or laptop views. In principle, on LinkedIn Mobile you can find more interactive features such as sending voice mail on chat, networking with the QR code and Find Nearby feature.

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