State officials and employees have a new collective agreement

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Kiky hours will be abolished. Salary increases will adhere to the general level. The new agreement will be in effect 1.4.2020–28.2.2022.

The board of JUKO, the representative association for highly educated employees, has accepted a new collective agreement for state officials and employees. The agreement applies to some 72 000 salaried employees and concerns some 1 600 TEK members. TEK represented its members as part of JUKO in the negotiations.

The negotiation result was reached in the early evening on Tuesday. We can now discuss the content of the agreement as the administrations of all agreeing parties have accepted it. In addition to JUKO, the other parties at the negotiation table were Pro, JHL and the state's Collective Bargaining Agency.

– A big thank you to the negotiators! We managed to close the negotiations quickly, which is good considering the exceptional social circumstances caused by the coronavirus epidemic, says Pia Hiltunen, a representative of TEK in the state sector.

The chair of JUKO's state negotiation delegation Jonne Rinne reminds us that the valuable work that state employees do safeguards vital functions of the Finnish society in this challenging situation.

Salaries will rise by 3 % and kiky hours will be abolished

The raises included in the new agreement adhere to the general raise level. Salaries will rise by 3.07 % over the nearly two-year agreement period. Salaries will rise by 1.1 % in August and an organisational adjustment batch of 1 % will be paid in May of next year. In June next year, a general raise will raise salaries by another 0.97 %.

Kiky hours are removed from the agreement.

– The result follows the general trend. There are still issues to be solved in the next rounds of negotiations with regard to, for example, the travel arrangements, working hours and occupational well-being of state officials and employees, says Hiltunen.

– We achieved a responsible agreement in exceptional circumstances and we can be very happy with the result. The era of the unpaid kiky working hour extension is over. In the future the employer will pay salaries according to hours worked, Rinne states.

  • In addition to the new agreement for state officials and employees, negotiations in the public sector have resulted in new collective agreements for universities and the Finnish National Gallery.
  • The negotiations are still ongoing in the Church, Avainta fields and the Institute of Occupational Health. The negotiations in the municipal sector have advanced to conciliation proceedings.
  • JUKO's collective agreements expired on 31 March.
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