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New collective agreement for 78,000 state employees – salary increase across the board

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JUKO has approved the new two-year collective agreement for state employees. Each employee will receive a two percent pay rise from 1 June.

Negotiation Organisation for Public Sector Professionals JUKO has approved the new collective agreement for state employees from 1 March 2022 to 29 February 2024. 

The duration of the agreement is two years. The across-the-board increase will raise all salaries by two percent from 1 June.

The employee organisations (JUKO, JHL, and Pro) and the Office for the State as Employer will negotiate the increase for the following year by Christmas. If the parties fail to reach a mutual agreement on the increase for the second year, the agreement may be terminated after the first year.

More paid family leave for the other parent

JUKO's head negotiator for the state sector Markku Kojo says that the family leave reform was introduced to the agreement as a whole as the technical amendments required by legislation.

– We were also able to significantly increase the paid family leave available for the other parent.

The paid family leave for the birthing parent remains at a total of 72 days, while the paid family leave for the other parent is increased from 6 to 18 days.

– With the decision, the state does not contribute fully to achieving the objectives of the family leave reform that enters into force on 1 August as regards equality between the parents, laments Markku Kojo.

Regrettably, the negotiated half-way solution regarding the number of paid parental leave days does also leave the door open for complaints concerning equality.

Falling ill during period-based work will no longer impact overtime

As regards to period-based work, the existing contract clauses have included an issue as regards falling ill, which will be remedied at the latest from 30 October.

– This is a welcome reform to all those in period-based employment. Now, overtime will also be compensated correctly in the event of an illness, says Chair of the government advisory committee Jonne Rinne delightedly.

The reform will also eliminate the issue of civil servants having to work while ill to ensure overtime compensation.

– This is a very equitable amendment to the contract clauses, stresses Jonne Rinne.