Improved economic outlook increased the salaries

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In October 2018, the median salary of a person with a Master of Science in Technology in regular employment was EUR 4,900, and the average salary was EUR 5,360 per month.

The median salary for those who had completed their master’s degree in technology in 2018 was EUR 3,400 and average salary EUR 3,508. This data is based on the information gathered from TEK members in the labour market survey. 

The most common reason for the salary increase was a general increase

Of respondents in full-time employment, 72 per cent estimated that their salary had increased from the previous year. The salary had remained the same for 20 per cent and decreased for three perc ent. The most usual reason for the salary increase was a general increase. Of all the respondents whose salary had increased, 58 per cent had received the general increase. 

A total of 31 per cent had received an increase based on their personal performance.

Approximately six out of ten respondents who were full-time employees reported that they were included in a performance bonus scheme. Performance bonuses are most widely used in the industrial sector where three respondents in four are included in a performance bonus scheme. Approximately 81 per cent of the employees included in a performance bonus scheme had received a bonus in the last 12 months. When measured with the median, the average performance bonus was around seven per cent of annual income.

The data for the TEK labour market survey was collected in October 2018. The target group was TEK members in the labour market. In total, there were approximately 8,200 responses. The most common degree of the respondents was a Master of Science in Technology. The largest group of respondents were those working in expert positions in the private sector.


More detailed information of the salaries is available in this article (in Finnish). For further information, please contact Salary Researcher Tuunia Keränen +358 9 2291 2288,