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Susanna Bairoh.
Attempts have been made to increase the number of women in the field of technology for decades. However, the attempts have not been successful: In Finland, only one in five technology professionals is a woman. It is often argued that women lack an innate interest in technology. However, the lack of interest is not the cause but the consequence: the technology industry is structured to be masculine.
News article | 12.5.2023
Renata Laty­pova suoja-asussa laboratoriossa.
Road to becoming a doctor. Tensile stress and hydrogen together crack ultrahigh-strength steel within minutes. The tuning-fork test developed in a thesis provides a way to identify steel grades that are resistant to hydrogen embrittlement.
News article | 17.4.2023
Neljä henkilöä istuu pöydän ääressä läppärin ja kahvikuppien kanssa.
A clear majority are proud of working or studying in the field of technology. A pioneering study by Engineers Finland is the first in Finland to examine the sense of belonging in the field. Approximately 80% of the respondents felt they belong in the field.
News article | 8.3.2023
Koira vetää potkukelkkaa ja ihmistä talvisessa maisemassa.
The serial production of Finnish ESLA kicksleds started already in 1933. The company has some competition as well – there are smaller kicksled manufacturers in Finland, Sweden and Norway.
News article | 22.2.2023
Ihminen linjaston ääressä, linjastolla kulkee silmusalaattilaatikoita.
What happens when a mechanical engineer becomes a farmer? One square metre yields a harvest of 23 tonnes a year.
News article | 10.11.2022
TEKin hallituksen puheenjohtaja Mari-Leena Talvitie
Why should tech professionals be interested in what goes on beyond the healthcare headlines?
Blog post | 29.9.2022
VTT:n kehittämä rSOC pilottijärjestelmä
A system developed by VTT researchers can both generate electricity from hydrogen and store electricity as hydrogen. Senior Scientist Ville Saarinen believes that hydrogen will become a commodity similar to crude oil.
News article | 9.2.2022
Onel Luis Alcaraz López in the front yard of Oulu University
The winner of the dissertation of the year outlined how machines communicate most efficiently in the mobile network of the future. Wireless power transfer, on the other hand, may relieve IoT appliances of electric wires and batteries.
News article | 24.11.2021
How women in tech see the level of inclusivity at their workplace impacts their experience, opportunities and success.
News article | 25.10.2021
Mies esittelee tussitaulua, jossa matemaattisia kaavoja
The engineering community plays a key role in the transition towards a circular economy. The skills needed in a circular society require changes in all higher education in the field of technology, the report states.
Blog post | 4.11.2021