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Renata Laty­pova suoja-asussa laboratoriossa.
Road to becoming a doctor. Tensile stress and hydrogen together crack ultrahigh-strength steel within minutes. The tuning-fork test developed in a thesis provides a way to identify steel grades that are resistant to hydrogen embrittlement.
News article | 17.4.2023
Aurinkopaneelit, kestävä kehitys, kiertotalous
According to a recent report, the green transition requires more tech talent and broader transferable skills, such as continuous learning and resilience in a rapidly evolving work environment.
News article | 4.3.2022
Kaksi henkilöä korjaa satelliittiantennia
For TEK, one of the autumn’s most important topics is what tools Finland intends to use to raise the share of RDI investments to 4 % of the GDP during the 2020s.
Blog post | 14.10.2021
Shannon Nichols ja Patricia Virsinger pictured walking in Tampere city centre
The Finnish language requirements of workplaces are too high and residence permit processes are too long, say TEK project researchers Shannon Nichols and Patricia Virsinger, who themselves are international students.
News article | 27.10.2021
Monimuotoisuuskeskustelulla ei ole koskaan mennyt yhtä hyvin. On harvinaista joutua enää perustelemaan monimuotoisuuden taloudellista ja inhimillistä arvoa työyhteisössä tai mukaanottavamman työelämän tärkeyttä. Kaikki on siis paremmin kuin ennen, eikö?
Blog post | 21.10.2020
The discussion on diversity has never been as prominent as it is now. Nowadays one rarely needs to justify the financial and human value of diversity in the work community or the importance of a more inclusive working life. So everything is better now than before, right?
Blog post | 21.10.2020
Uravalmennus toimistolla, kaksi henkilöä
Are you wondering what to do about your career? Are you planning to find a job but don't really know where to start? Or are you having difficulties in expressing your own skills and strengths?
Kaksi henkilöä kahvilassa, kannettava tietokone, kahvi
Gaining new skills is a worthwhile investment. You can build, expand, and strengthen new competencies, for example, while working, studying or during periods of unemployment.
It is absolutely evident that Finland is in a dire need of international technology experts.
Blog post | 22.4.2021
Working life experiences were shared in the Nuorten osaajien forum programme. It was important for them to develop their own behaviour and to share experiences, participants say.
News article | 6.8.2018