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Prepare and Update Your Job Search Documents


The Prepare and Update Your Job Search Documents online course is designed to assist you in gearing up for your job search and provides practical guidance on crafting an effective CV and application letter.


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The course consists of videos and exercises covering the following themes: 

  • Clarify your goals: Learn how to analyse yourself, discover your skills and strengths to define your career objectives. Learn how to collect essential information and explore opportunities that align with your aspirations.
  • Target your job search: Learn how to assess factors that can help you have a targeted job search. We will walk you through different scenarios, whether you're at the start of your career or transitioning to a new one.
  • CV: Goes through the different sections of the CV, how to write about them and gives concrete examples. Here you can also hear about how to adjust your CV to fit the Finnish context.
  • Application letter: We will unlock the secrets to writing a successful job application. Learn how to showcase your motivation, skills, and personality to stand out among other applications.

This material contains independent studying and exercises. You may complete the exercises independently and set your own schedule. The material is built in a way that you can complete it completely independently. 

The material consists of the following contents:

1. Before you start your job search: Analyse yourself, your personality, skills, and strengths. Define your goals and understand what you want to achieve and how to get there. Learn how to gather information and identify your best options.

2. Ways to organize your CV: Learn how to assess factors that can help you have a targeted job search and get tips on how to organize your CV, depending on what situation you are in. You will learn that a CV is not a list of your work history, but a list of your most relevant skills and experiences for the job you are applying for. 

3. CV checklist: In this section we will go through what should be included in each section of the CV including tips on the CV's structure and visuals. Here you can also hear about how to adjust your CV to fit the Finnish context.

4. Craft a successful application letter: Understand the clear division between the CV and application letter. Learn the application letter essentials: lenght, content and format. 

5. Examples: In this section you can find extra material related to the course, like examples, survey templates and reading material.

The course is open until December 31st 2024.  The course is available for both student and full members of TEK and its content is in English. To participate, you only need a computer device that is connected to the Internet. The training is also accessible on mobile devices.  


Register by 30.11.2024