Profiilikuva jossa Merve katsoo suoraan kameraan hymyillen, päällään valkoinen kauluspaita ja turkoosi villapaita.

Merve Caglayan

30 years
Computer Science student, Dive Leader


Eduskuntavaalit 2023


I am a City Councilor in Tampere, a Dive Leader, Computer Science student, and a future member of parliament. I am a 29-year-old child of a Finnish mother and a Turkish father who are both small business owners. I am a passionate advocate for human rights, equality, and justice. I represent diversity and inclusivity: society has been built for too long only on the terms of certain groups, and it is high time for it to change.

I am running for office because members of parliament must represent the entire population, not just those whose lives have always gone according to society's expectations. If anyone knows this, it's me: I knew it when I moved to Finland after the 1999 earthquake in Istanbul, I knew it when I had to interrupt my high school studies and later graduate while working full-time, and I knew it when I finally got into university at the age of 25. We need a Finland where everyone is accepted – including those of us whose paths have been different. We must fight for a country where everyone has the opportunity to realize their dreams. No one's background should determine their future. None of us can control the circumstances of our birth. That is why we must do everything in our power to ensure that each and every one of us can have a good life. I do politics so that you can live in a different world; one where both people and nature can thrive.

I am ready to take on the next challenge and represent us in the Finnish parliament. Join me in supporting my journey as a candidate who tirelessly works for a better society. Be a part of the change that we so desperately need.

Election goals

I will defend human rights, equality, and justice. I will do my best to ensure that Finland does its part in addressing the climate crisis.

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