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Tekniikan akateemiset TEK Kuva: Joel Karppanen



Proportion of all highly educated citizens with membership in one of Akava’s affiliates in Finland: 

70 %

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Independents gain ground in TEK’s elections

The association of Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK has chosen its 70-member representative assembly for the coming three-year period.

Work experience and contacts expedite the employment of recent graduates

Nearly 80 per cent of the Masters of Science in Technology and architects who graduated last year have found employment that is in keeping with their education.

Even experts need working hours legislation

The existing Working Hours Act is not applicable to expert work and new methods of working.

Do you know what kind of money is made in your line of work?

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Finland must stop wasting its international talent potential

How can we benefit better foreign expert talent in Finnish working life? This difficult question was asked at the multicultural working life seminar in Helsinki on Tuesday 31 January.

Where is the understanding of innovation-driven economic growth among decision-makers disappearing?

The understanding of the level of Finnish technology among political decision-makers has developed in a negative direction. However, the private sector is bringing some light of hope in the otherwise bleak...