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Legal consulting

As a member of TEK you will get advice on legal matters regarding your job for free. Our lawyers will answer your questions by phone or email. You can also set up a personal appointment.

Pre-Wappu Event

We want to welcome all the international members to this networking event.

At your service, also in the summer

You can be in touch with TEK during the summer holidays as well. We wish you a relaxing summer!

What do you get?

Earnings-linked unemployment benefit 

Unemployment insurance in the IAET-fund.

Excellent member benefits 

Magazines, discounts, insurance and more.

A wide range of career services 

Career services, legal consulting, salary counseling.


Strong protection of interests in the labour market. 


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Proportion of business owners of TEK members:  8%

Current issues


What is the right salary for you? Ask us, we know. Each year TEK conducts a labour market survey to determine the salary levels and other terms of employment of its members.

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More than 100,000 senior salaried employees joined the Competitiveness Pact

The Board of the Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN has approved negotiating results concerning 23 collective agreements that fall under the scope of the Competitiveness Pact.

Engineering Award for the developers of the world’s most progressive gas burner solution

A ten-person team at the Lahti-based energy company Oilon has developed a gas burning technology that sets a world record on joining the cleanest solution with energy efficiency. No similar solutions have...

Biochemical engineer Frances Arnold wins 2016 Millennium Technology Prize for ‘directed evolution’ revolution

On 24th May Technology Academy Finland (TAF) declared American innovator Frances Arnold as winner of the 2016 Millennium Technology Prize, the prominent award for technological innovations that enhance the...

Some 80 per cent of recent Masters of Science in Technology have found employment

Nearly 80 per cent of freshly graduated Masters of Science in Technology and architects have found employment that corresponds well or very well with their education. The results have improved in the past...

Equality still has a long way to go in technology jobs

According to a survey conducted by TEK, the members of the union still have a long way to go before the working life can be called equal.

TEK receives AYY honorable mention for improving employment opportunities for foreign students

The Aalto University Student Union AYY has awarded TEK with an honorable mention for improving the employment skills of students with a foreign background.