TEK General Council election

Voting 21 March - 3 April. An election engine online helps you choose the best candidate.
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Tekniikan akateemiset TEK Kuva: Joel Karppanen


#TEKvaltuusto käsitteli uudistumisen vuotta ja suuntasi katseet tulevaan. Lue lisää kokouksesta TEK-lehdestä:… https://t.co/4VzJXxKXid


#TEKvaltuusto valitsi @MUPiMika’n @PepiTakala’n tilalle TEKin hallituksen vars. jäseneksi ja 2. vpj:ksi. @ta_v valittiin varajäseneksi.

Proportion of business owners of TEK members:  8%

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Finland must stop wasting its international talent potential

How can we benefit better foreign expert talent in Finnish working life? This difficult question was asked at the multicultural working life seminar in Helsinki on Tuesday 31 January.

Where is the understanding of innovation-driven economic growth among decision-makers disappearing?

The understanding of the level of Finnish technology among political decision-makers has developed in a negative direction. However, the private sector is bringing some light of hope in the otherwise bleak...

Unemployment of university graduates in the technical fields decreased

The last time unemployment was at this level was at the end of 2014.

The annual working time lengthens by 24 hours: What does this mean in practice?

Negotiations were held in many workplaces last autumn on how the extension in working time would be implemented.

Changes to the Employment Contracts Act at the turn of the year

The changes came into effect on 1 January 2017.