Webinar: Understanding Finnish culture

01.10.2020 -
17:00 to 18:30

Understanding Finnish culture 

In this webinar we use Hofstede’s model of cultural differences to create an understanding of the Finnish culture and some fundamental differences between cultures. How do we understand and collaborate better with the Finns?


  • What is culture and how does it affect the working life?
  • Understanding my own cultural background
  • Hofstede’s model – how is the Finnish culture?
  • How to cope with the Finns?

Mira Kivistö (M.Sc.Economics, International Marketing & B.Soc.Sc.,
International Relations) from ConTe Oy is committed professional
Consultant and Trainer with specialties in Personnel and Business
Development, Diversity Management and Cross-Cultural Communication.

She is also Accredited Lecturer in Intercultural Management. Her mission is to help people and organisations to use their potential and succeed.

Mira speaks several languages and has travelled in more than 60
countries. As a trainer Mira is energetic, enthusiastic and pragmatic.