Webinar: Building a diverse and inclusive workplace

06.05.2021 -
16:30 to 18:00

With Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) we build better workplaces, company cultures and businesses. While we understand the benefits, we need to further understand diversity and inclusion in the organizational context to be able to overcome the obstacles that are in our way to build inclusive workplaces. 

Building inclusion is not a state of mind - it requires concrete action and everyone has to play their part. To build inclusive workplaces, we need to learn both about behavioral and structural inclusion and what are steps that all of us can do to be more inclusive for others. 


  • What we need to know when talking about diversity and inclusion in organizations (terminology and concepts)
  • How diversity and inclusion benefits organizations, teams and individuals
  • What is the state of D&I in working life and what challenges are we facing
  • Tools and best practices for building inclusion in an organization, both on individual and team level
  • How can I support my organization to foster equality and inclusive culture?
  • What can I do as an individual to be more inclusive to others?

We will go through theory, data, research and practical examples. In addition, we will have Q&A and small group discussion exercises during the event. 

Webinar facilitator is Julia Hämäläinen. Julia is a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) specialist and HR professional with broad experience in attracting and engaging global talent in fast-paced organizations. Currently she works as the Chief Operating Officer of Inklusiiv. Founded in 2019, Inklusiiv is a community advancing diversity and inclusion in working life.

Julia helps companies to build strategies, actions plans and take concrete actions in a variety of different functional areas such as: Leadership, Recruiting, HR processes, Culture and Communications. Before joining Inklusiiv, she has a background working in the tech industry as the Global HR Operations Lead at Smartly.io and the Chief People Officer of Slush. Julia holds a Master’s Degree from Aalto University School of Business.