Update your membership details

Update your details and contact information.

Update your details on TEK’s member portal 

In TEK's member portal oma.tek.fi you can update your details, change your magazine subscriptions and download an electronic membership card. In other matters related to membership and membership payments, please contact member(ät)tek.fi

In the portal you can also change your email settings. You can choose of which topics you wish to receive email from us. Change your settings on Update own data page. 

Logging into the portal

If you are logging into the portal for the first time, go to the address oma.tek.fi and click the "Reset password" link. You will receive instructions in your e-mail.

Contact us!

The TEK membership register provides services between 9 and 16 from Monday to Friday (between 9 and 15 in July) via email member(ät)tek.fi and by telephone on +358 (0)9 2291 2291.

If you contact us via email, you can utilise secured email. More instructions here.