Technology Barometer

The Technology Barometer measures Finland’s techno-scientific competence and its performance capacity based on the level of its economic and societal development.

TECHNOLOGY BAROMETER 2017, released 18 February

The strengths of Finland’s economic and innovation system have continued to weaken. Finland’s economic and societal development is simultaneously facing cyclical structural difficulties of economic life and the public economy, and difficulties related to the future of the Eurozone.

Some positive signs can be seen in these cyclical developments, however, for example in the case of industrial investments, but the necessary structural reforms, especially in the public sector, are advancing slowly.  

The indicator-based section of the Technology Barometer compares Finland’s development to that of selected reference countries. The survey section of the Barometer maps out the various demographic groups’ values, attitudes, and views as well as their observable changes. The indicator section’s individual and combined indicators have been assembled under four thematic areas. Each of these depicts the typical phases of development or transition in a modern society: from an information society to a knowledge society, followed by a knowledge-value society, and ending up with a society based on sustainable development.1 For the most part, the barometer’s survey section is similar to the indicator section structure and provides future-oriented views on societal development.

The purpose of the Technology Barometer is to strengthen the knowledge base for competence development, to promote and improve related societal debate, and to use this knowledge and debate to support decision-making on the allocation of education and research resources within public administration and economic life. In terms of Finland’s future competitiveness, the key issues consist of deciding upon the nation’s orientation on various technologies, competence, related priorities, and resource allocation. 

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