TEK vs climate change

We at TEK take climate change seriously and work untiringly to stop it.

Soon we will all be sweating. The climate cannot wait, we need to act now.

Our climate awareness is nothing new, as already about ten years ago we joined forces with the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland to examine ways in which engineers could reduce emissions as part of The Engineers’ Climate Programme (in Finnish). Since then, we have steadily kept the topic at the forefront of our advocacy efforts.

Our most recent action to tackle climate change has been to measure our own carbon footprint. We did the calculation using the “Hiilifiksu järjestö” counter (only available in Finnish) of the University of Helsinki. Our estimated emissions in 2017 were approximately 340 tonnes as carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. This corresponds to the annual emissions of roughly 33 average Finns. We will calculate the corresponding figures for 2018 after the approval of our financial statements later in spring 2019.

Merely establishing our carbon footprint is obviously not enough. It must also lead to actions. This spring, we will make choices to reduce our carbon footprint and decide on the timeframe in which we commit to zero emissions. Operations always generate emissions, so although we will focus on more carbon-smart approaches, we will also financially compensate the remaining emissions to achieve zero emissions.

Where do the TEK emissions come from? 

Emission categories Carbon footprint (kg CO2e per year) Percentual share
Energy 112 799 33 %
Travel 105 975 31 %
Waste 1 684 0 %
Procurements 8 528 3 %
Services  109 789 32 %
Total 338 775 100 %


Should I do something too?

Your personal input also matters – come and join our climate efforts! If everyone lived like the Finns, we would need 3.6 Earths to sustain the current population of the world without climate debt. So we need everyone to take action, both you as an individual and your workplace.

As an individual, you can take part in the following ways, for example:

  • At www.sitoumus2050.fi/en you can take the Sitra lifestyle test to determine the size of your personal carbon footprint and the elements that it is made of. After the test, you can choose the most suitable climate actions from a list and see how they will affect your emissions. As the cherry on top, you can make a personal commitment to reduce your emissions.
  • Sign the Ilmastoveivi2019 petition! TEK is involved in a climate campaign launched by concerned young people. The campaign aims for a more stringent climate policy. Showing your support does not require much effort: simply sign the petition. More information and signing the petition: www.ilmastoveivi2019.fi/en

Your workplace or organization can take part in the following ways:

If you need more information about the climate actions of TEK or want to hear experiences of measuring the carbon footprint, contact Jussi-Pekka Teini, jussi-pekka.teini(ät)tek.fi or +358 40 7059755.