Kestävä yhteiskunta

Sustainable societies

Why do we need competence in sustainable development? How can we act ethically as engineers? How can technology professionals and companies create a sustainable society?

Technology has a strong influence on the society and the environment. However, technology is not devoid of values. Instead, the development of technology is affected by a multitude of social and political interests. Furthermore, technical solutions are based on the choices of their users. Thus competence in sustainable development belongs to us all, and is required of us all.

Basic competence in sustainable development should be included in all engineering degrees at a university level. Contact us to get tools for teaching sustainable development.


Responsibilities and opportunities

TEK sees sustainable development as more than just a mandatory requirement or a responsibility, but as a sector full of great opportunities. One of key business opportunities lies in the field of energy efficient and material efficient solutions. In addition, sustainable development presents an opportunity to bolster the role and effectiveness of engineers in the society. The engineers’ climate programme presents methods to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Ethics of engineering

While large-scale sustainable development is an important focus, it is equally important to pay attention to the professional role of individual persons. Technology and society have a reciprocal relationship, which brings in questions regarding responsibility and ethics. Ethics of engineering gives perspectives for considering questions related to the values of sustainable development.

Sustainable business

Environmental engineering and cleantech are among the fastest growing sectors in international business. Finnish competence and businesses have a lot of potential and opportunities in this sector.

Over 80% of academic engineers and architects work in businesses. We believe the world can only be saved if we can make sustainable development a profitable business. Some means by which a company can promote environmentally friendly business operations include a commitment to continuous improvement, energy and material efficiency, environmentally friendly product design, corporate environmental strategy and management system, and reporting on environmental and social reporting.