How the Finnish market is organised

The Finnish labour market is based on a collaborative approach with all societal parties involved in the market. TEK represents the interests of our members and promotes good working conditions for all.

In Finland, a majority of people belong to a professional labour market organisation. Membership of a labour market organisation is a legal right and commonly accepted. Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK is one of the organisations for highly educated professionals in the field of technology. 

TEK is a partner in the national and local collective bargaining process and plays an important role in negotiating the salaries and terms of employment for professional engineers and architects. 

Collective bargaining takes place through negotiating organisations

Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff YTN is responsible for the employee side of negotiations with the private sector.

JUKO is responsible for the employee negotiations with the public sector.

Both these organisations have representatives from trade unions which belong to Akava. TEK, representing experts in technology, takes part in the technology-related industries and in all other fields in which our members work.
At the local level, YTN also trains employee representatives. Employee representatives are there to help you with any work-related issues at your work place.


  • We promote high-quality engineering education and professional development of engineers
  • We anticipate the future challenges faced by the education system and especially in engineering education
  • We at TEK believe in reasonable and fair employment conditions to ensure the wellbeing of everyone within our professional community.