Salary recommendations

Salary recommendations

TEK starter salary recommendation for recent graduates and trainees.

TEK gathers together statistics of salaries and the salary development of the members. We analyze this information and give our recommendations of the salaries for trainees and recent graduate engineers.

TEK has made a recommendation for a starter salary of EUR 3 940 per month. The recommendation is valid during a period from 1 June 2020 to 30 November 2020. There is an increase of EUR 60 from the previous period. Please note, that the salaries vary depending on the region or the field of work. You can check your situation with Salary Surveyor or ask for more detailed information from our salary counselling

The recommended starter salary is for expert tasks with a weekly working period of 37.5 hours.  For more demanding jobs in certain fields, such as the commercial field, for those who do longer hours, and for those who have a lot of work experience, as well as for those who work in the Helsinki region the starter salaries may be higher than the recommended salaries.

The recommended starter salary is based on a labour market study and a questionnaire to recent graduates concerning actual basic salaries and official forecasts of future development of the economic trends and the salaries.


TEK defines its recommendations for the traineeship in the own field of studies. Our salary recommendations are based on information of TEK's student members' summer job salaries and the projected future changes on the salary level. Salary recommendation for trainee is a good starting point for salary requests.

Salary recommendations - compensation for an employment corresponding to your study field

TEK has confirmed the following recommended salaries for trainees for 2020:

41-80 2 150
81-120 2 260
121-160 2 330
161-200 2 430
201- 2 570
Master's thesis 2 690

The trainee’s earlier work experience and additional studies increase the salary. They improve the trainee’s qualifications for the job. Due to the higher costs of living the salary level in the Helsinki region is approximately six percent higher than in the rest of the country.
It is recommended that for environmental training the similar salary is paid as to a corresponding fixed employee.



The recommended salary for 2020 for a thesis is 2 690 Euros per month. If in addition to the thesis the employee carries out other duties they should be recognized in the salary as a salary increasing factor.