Help in career transitions

We offer support in different stages of your career. Read more about our services.

Whatever situation you find yourself in your career, TEK is here to support you. 

Career services

Our career coaches provide solution-focused career coaching and advice on job-hunting based on your situation. You can also have you CV checked. Don't forget TEKrekry LinkedIn group – a networking group for TEK members, employers and recruiters. Join in the discussions and check out job postings!

Legal services

The membership fee includes liability and legal expense insurance. This covers legal expenses arising from contractual disputes, personal injury, material and property damages. TEK’s lawyers can provide advice on disputes related to work and legal help in case of redundancies or dismissals. 


What's the right salary for you? TEK's salary statistics and personal salary counselling help you figure out the right salary level or the right salary request. We also provide tips for salary negotiations. 

Unemployment insurance

TEK offers reasonably priced unemployment insurance through The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO and can provide advice in legal matters related to unemployment insurance.

LOCAL Support and advice in the EVENT of unemployment

In Uusimaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu TEK and other unions have formed associations to support you in case of unemployment

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