Virtual Lawyer

From Virtual Lawyer you can find answers to legal questions and document templates.

As a TEK member you have access to the VirtualLawyer service, which is an electronic legal databank maintained by Fondia’s lawyers. The service offers basic legal knowledge to support daily business. VirtualLawyer contains more than 1,700 legal articles in Finnish and English, over 150 contract templates with implementation guidelines, as well as checklists. The service also suggests links to legislation and other sources of additional information.

For TEK members the service is free of charge (the normal annual fee is EUR 240). To start using the service, go to and enter the campaign code. The campaign code is provided for TEK members in our membership portal at After logging in you can find the code from Services for Entrepreneurs page.

The VirtualLawyer service covers 10 of the most relevant legal fields for business:

  • Personnel and managerial work
  • Business contracts
  • Privacy
  • Consumer protection and product liability
  • Company law
  • Financing and company restructurings
  • Public procurements and competition law
  • Environmental law and construction
  • Company assets
  • Finances    

In addition to the VirtualLawyer service offered to TEK members free of charge, you can also utilise other Fondia services against an additional charge.

The partner services included in TEK's membership benefits and the benefits provided by the partners are subject to the the service provider's terms of service and data protection.