job search

Job search

Are you at a career crossroad? Looking for a new job? TEK’s services can help you succeed in your job search.

Update your CV and cover letter 

  • Go through your CV one section at a time with the help of our checklist

  • Read our tailored CV tips for different positions.

  • Työkirja is a job-searching and career guide for technology professionals. Työkirja aims to help you find a job, whether it’s a summer job, internship, traineeship or a master’s thesis position. In the guide, you will find tips on how to make a CV and cover letter, how to succeed in a job interview and other tips for your job search. 

Join TEK's own LinkedIn group TEkrekry 

TEKrekry is a networking and job posting platform for TEK members, employers, and recruiters. In TEKrekry you can discover open vacancies and participate in professional networking. 

Looking for a job abroad?

TEK offers our members access to the GoinGlobal portal, which contains a lot of information on working and applying for jobs abroad. 

Consider the options of entrepreneurship

Approximately six percent of TEK members have entrepreneurship as a primary or secondary occupation. Furthermore, at least one in four members has considered entrepreneurship or at least showed interest in it. As a result, we have increased and improved our services for entrepreneurs and those interested in pursuing entrepreneurship.

ASK for the right salary 

Check your salary request with the Salary Surveyor service. The Salary Surveyor is a database tool, that allows you to check the salary levels for different positions in your field. The information is based on the annual labour market survey carried out by TEK. 

Check out salaries by position, by field and starter salaries recommendation for recent graduates and trainees. 

Read TEK’s best tips for negotiating your salary

Prepare for a Job Interview

Ace the job interview! With the Haastis- App you can practice your job interview responses and read tips on how to prepare for your next interview. 


When you are about to enter an employment contract, make sure to review what you are about to commit to. As a TEK member, you have the opportunity to have the contract reviewed by a lawyer.