Are you about to graduate soon or have you already completed your degree? Congratulations! When you have graduate, you become a full member of TEK. As a recent graduate, you get full TEK membership at a discounted price for the first year.

At TEK, our experts are here to help you in negotiating the best possible employment contract, succeed in salary negotiations or deal with problems in your work. Please don't hesitate to contact us!


  • TEK Young Professionals Forum – TEK’s top professional coaching and network tailored for recent graduates
  • Personal salary advice
  • Personal legal advice, such as employment and executive employment contracts
  • Personal career coaching
  • Personal entrepreneur counselling
  • Unemployment fund membership for employed members
  • Liability and legal aid insurance for employee members and sole proprietors
  • Two professional magazines and the TEK magazine
  • Training and networking events
  • The negotiating power and support from a strong professional organisation
  • Many benefits, such as benefits worth hundreds of euros at Danske Bank: a wide range of banking services and comprehensive travel insurance free of charge, a mortgage with no administrative fee and a lower margin, loan without an administrative fee, access to over a 1000 airport lounges.

Discount on your TEK membership fee

As a recent graduate, you get a discount on your TEK membership fee for the first 12 months.

In 2020, your membership fee is EUR 17,38 per month (normal fee EUR 29.25 per month). The fee also includes the unemployment fund membership. Without the unemployment fund, the fee is EUR 11.88 per month (normal fee EUR 23.75 per month).

The membership fee is tax-deductible and we automatically inform the tax authorities of membership payments. This means that you will only pay around half the sum in the end.

If you are not currently working or live abroad, you will receive a discount on your membership fee. Instructions on how to apply for the membership fee discount.

More information on membership fees


We obtain information about recent graduates from the universities. However, the university graduation lists do not always contain full information on all graduates, so we may not receive information about your graduation. If some time has already passed since you graduated, and you have not yet received mail from us, report your graduation in your member information or send e-mail to our member(ät) (membership register). If you have not been TEK member during your studies, sign up as a full member after you graduate here.

Looking for a job in Finland

TEK provides a number of tools for job seekers.

You can also utilise the Career Services at your university.