Looking for a job abroad? TEK offers our members access to the GoinGlobal portal.

GoinGlobal is the leading online provider of country-specific employment and career information. It is a platform that helps you find international opportunities. The database contains country career guides, corporate profiles, and international internship and job openings. 

From GoinGlobal you can discover specific information about top employers, desired skill sets, industry trends and additional information to meet the needs of global job seekers. This information is updated constantly.

In GoinGlobal you can save your searches, bookmark pages, create search alerts and create a free account.


Country Career Guides
What kind of cover letter should I write when applying for jobs in France? 
Each country and city guide has relevant information on job search resources, finding a job, top companies, resumes, cover letters, work permits, professional networking and cultural advice. Jobs and internship sections will give you the opportunity to explore jobs around the world. 

USA/Canada City Career Guides
I want to work in Silicon Valley. Where should I start?
Information about finding employment opportunities within the largest and most dynamic metropolitan areas in North America.

Job Postings and Internship Listings
I'm interested in working as a chemist in Cape Town. I wonder if there are any job openings?
The GoinGlobal search engine includes more than 16 million international job and internship listings.

H-1B Info
Which companies might want to hire a mechanical engineer in the USA?
The H-1B database contains application listings for American employers seeking to hire international talent. You can search for visa applications by job title, occupation, employer, location and/or salary.

Key Employer Directory
What might be the largest companies in Germany's electronics industry?
The site includes a corporate directory that profiles companies in industries such as consumer goods, consulting, finance, and information technology. A mixture of local and multinational employers are featured and data on sales, revenues, brands, officers, and key contacts are included.

For even more country-specific tips visit GoinGlobals blog

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