Have your CV reviewed

Get feedback on your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile by one of TEK's career coaches

TEK's career coaches can review and give feedback on your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Before you send us your CV, make sure that you have checked your CV using our tips as well as you can. What do you think about your CV at this point? Have a final check:

Have you described your work experience in sufficient detail and so that it can be understood by all?

Company names, position titles and periods of employment don't tell enough about your experience. Describe each position in sufficient detail, and emphasise relevant experience according to the position you're applying for. Would someone, who doesn't work in the same field, understand what you've done? 

Does your CV look like the one of an academically trained professional?

Your CV should be easily recognisable as a CV, not to be confused with a sales letter, a personal assessment report, or only a large table of data. In Finland CV's are traditionally written in first person, not third. It's all about you, not a Mr. or Ms. Someoneorother.

What kind of a professional profile does your CV convey?

Does your CV have a clear, professional story? Do your achievements show? How does your story continue? 

Send you CV to be reviewed by our coaches

If you would like one of our Coaches to review your CV, please send to us using be form below. Please Attach your CV as a .doc/.docx or .rtf file. Do not send it as a pdf, because we sometimes comment directly onto the document. 

Please include:

  • The purpose of your CV
  • A deadline by which you need the comments - Please note that we are quite crowded at times
  • If you are applying for a certain position or company, please include the job advert and/or company details
  • If you wish for us to comment your LinkedIn profile, include the link and make sure we have access to your profile