Personal career coaching

TEK's career coaches can walk along with you through the different steps of your career.

Personal career coaching is a confidential conversation with one of TEK's career coaches. In these conversations you can focus your career dreams and goals, your professional profile and the opportunities that interest you. Our career coaching is solution focused, and based on your goals and strenghts.

Situations when career coaching can for example be useful:

  • Changing jobs or positions 
  • Job search when being layed off
  • Organisational restructuring 
  • Returning to work after a period of doing something else, eg. parental leave 
  • Need for professional development
  • Well-being and motivation at work 

You can use career coaching when you're graduating, in the early years of your career or when close to retirement; basically any time when you're thinking of taking a new step and wonder what it could be. Our coaching typically consists of a preliminary exercise before meeting a coach, two - three meetings and possibly exercises between the meetings. 


Satu Myller
Career Coach
M.Sc. (Econ.), Solution Focused Coach, NLP Coach

Sari Taukojärvi
Director, Career Services