RIL-TEK dual membership

Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK and the Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL have entered into a cooperation agreement with the aim of offering an even more affordable way of belonging to both associations simultaneously.

  • RIL members may choose to become TEK members by paying an affordable dual membership fee.
  • Those full members of TEK who have graduated with a degree in the building trade and/or work in the trade can also become RIL members with an affordable dual membership fee.
  • Those who belong to both associations separately may declare themselves RIL-TEK dual members, which means the pay a lower membership fee.

TEK promotes the professional interests and negotiates on the behalf of RIL-TEK dual members in cooperation with YTN and Akava. RIL continues to pursue the professional interests of the entire building industry and the man-made environment as an organisation of experts. Both associations are jointly responsible for the development of membership benefits and services for their dual members.


If you are only a member of RIL or TEK or neither, let us know you wish to become a dual member and send us your contact information by email to Jatta Lytter jatta.lytter(ät) (RIL). 


RIL-TEK dual members receive all the benefits of full RIL members (in Finnish). RIL offers its members access to the same unemployment fund as TEK, but the fund membership will still be invoiced separately.

  • From TEK, RIL-TEK dual members receive the same benefits and services as full members of TEK with the exception of unemployment fund membership and Alma Talent’s magazine package.
  • The magazines TEK and Tekniikka&Talous (via RIL) are included in the membership fee.
  • For an affordable additional magazine fee of 45 euros, you receive a subscription to Talouselämä. The subscription is made via RIL.


The discounted membership fee for those who join TEK via RIL is 157 euros. RIL invoices the dual membership fee from the member in its entirety, including the unemployment fund membership fee.

If you wish, you may continue to be a member of just one of the associations, or even of both associations separately, but RIL-TEK dual membership offers the benefits and services of both at a more affordable price.