Sending secured email to TEK

With secured email you can safely and securely send delicate information to TEK.

TEK wants to ensure our members’ personal data is handled securely. When sending emails with delicate information, TEK typically uses secured email. Therefore, we also wish to provide our members with a possibility to approach us via secured email. If you wish, you can always use secured email when corresponding with us, especially if you are sending delicate information you feel more comfortable sending secured.

Instructions on using secured email

Go to the address (in Finnish)

Enter your email address

Register your name (first and last name) and set up a password (salasana in Finnish, vahvista salasana means confirm password) 

You will receive an email titled "F-Secure Encryption Registration"

Activate sending secure email by clicking on the link in the email

Now you are able to send emails and attachments securely to TEK. You only need to register once.

More information webmaster(ät)