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If you are already running your own business or considering setting up your own company, it is worth getting to know our services!

Becoming an entrepreneur is a viable option for technology professionals in Finland. It allows freedom to develop your expertise and skills while building a business that suits your lifestyle. 

For many of our members, establishing a business is an excellent opportunity to follow their professional interests and gain extra income. Approximately 6 % of TEK members are entrepreneurs. We offer the following services for those already running their business as well as those considering becoming entrepreneurs. 


Entrepreneur members of TEK can obtain an extensive service package from the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) for EUR 95 / year. The service package includes, for example, advice service, seminars at member price and other membership benefits. You can obtain the package by completing this form (in Finnish).

TEK and other unions have established a joint association called AKY - Akavalaiset yrittäjät (Academic Entrepreneurs) which has become a trade association of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. The service package discount is part of this cooperation. 


TEK lawyers offer free of charge consultation and information in the following entrepreneurship related matters:

  • Setting up a business
  • Being a board member 
  • Entrepreneurs’ unemployment benefits
  • Advice on Shareholder Agreements and Consultation Agreements
  • Employer issues

You can contact TEK lawyers via the contact form. Please make sure you attach relevant documents to your contact request.

You can also reach our lawyers by phone at (09) 2291 2345 (working days from 9.00 to 12.00). 

For legal information on business operations, see also Fondia's VirtualLawyer service, which is free for TEK members. From VirtualLawyer you can find answers to frequently asked legal questions regarding entrepreneurship and ready-to-use document templates. 


Legal expenses and liability insurance 

The legal expenses and liability insurance included in your TEK membership covers also private traders and incorporations that have no employees and those practicing their profession as an incorporation who own the incorporation entirely. More information about the professional legal expenses and liability insurance can be found here.

Unemployment benefits 

Entrepreneurs are not entitled to receive earnings-related benefits from the salary earners' fund (such as KOKO fund). As an entrepreneur you may join an unemployment fund for entrepreneurs, for example Yrittäjäkassa.

If you are an entrepreneur, please inform TEK's member service, so the KOKO funds' fee will be diminished from your membership fee. 

Discounts for entrepreneurs

Holvi’s all-in-one business account – 3 months for free

Holvi is a full suite of tools – everything you need to run your business, under one roof. With an online business account, Holvi Business Mastercard®, online store, invoicing and bookkeeping tools, Holvi simplifies work life for the self-employed.

Holvi's online business account offers you all the features of a traditional bank account. You can easily keep track of transactions through the mobile app. When you pay for business expenses with your Holvi Business Mastercard, you’ll get a notification prompting you to snap a photo of the receipt then save it to your transaction for easy bookkeeping. Holvi lets you create, send and track invoices in just a few clicks and Holvi’s dashboard shows your real-time balance and a finance forecast – so you always know how business is going.

As a member of TEK, you now get the Holvi Pro plan with no monthly fee for the first 3 months when you open an account. When you open an account, provide a discount code that is available at TEK's member portal (requires logging in)


TEK Entrepreneurs’ Club brings together TEK's entrepreneur members and people interested in entrepreneurship. The Club arranges get-togethers where you can meet other people that share your interests and can offer valuable peer support.


Events and webinars

Read more about the events and webinars in Finnish.


The partner services included in TEK's membership benefits and the benefits provided by the partners are subject to the the service provider's terms of service and data protection.