HuoliLinja by Heltti


We wish to support our members in taking care of their wellbeing at work.

From time to time even the most professional workers will experience self-doubt, stress and may even fear burnout. Here at TEK we are aware of the challenges our members face in work life and we want to work actively to make sure that our members' wellbeing is taken care of.

Heltti's HuoliLinja is a mental health support line

HuoliLinja is a mental health supportline, which will provide support for you especially in the challenging and changing situations at work. TEK has joined forces with Heltti to allow our members the opportunity to discuss the challenges and changes they face especially at work. The service is available to all TEK members.

How HuoliLinja works

Heltti's mental health professionals who are specialised in occupational health will support you over the phone. If necessary, you can also schedule a remote appointment with an occupational health nurse or a psychologist (1-3 appointments). If your situation requires more long lasting care, we will guide you to the right health care channel. 

You can call HuoliLinja on working days at 9.00-16.00. You can access the number in the ways listed below. You may also leave a callback request at any time. If possible, callbacks are returned even in the evenings and on weekends. The phone call costs 8,35 cents per call + 16,69 cents per minute. 

How to call HuoliLinja

  • You can find the service number from member portal (requires logging in)
  • You can receive the service number by calling TEK's member service (09) 2291 2291 or switchboard (09) 229 121 on working days at 9.00-16.00. Our member service will give you the number after your membership has been verified.

Information on occupational wellbeing

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Työterveyslaitos, TTL) provides tips and trainings on wellbeing at work.

The Centre of Occupational Safety organises trainings for Occupational Safety Cards and Well-being at Work Cards.

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