Membership services and benefits

We at TEK offer a wide range of membership services to support you at different stages in your career. Find out from below what services and benefits best suit you.

Membership benefits are available for both full members and student members, unless otherwise mentioned. 

OUR BEST services to help YOU during COVID-19

  • HuoliLinja - A mental health supportline by Heltti. HuoliLinja will provide support for you especially in the challenging and changing situations at work. The service is available to all TEK members from 7th May to 31st August 2020. 
  • Information on COVID-19 - A list of sources where you can find realiable information on the impact of COVID-19 for example on employment.
  • Webinar on COVID-19 and its impact on work - What are the circumstances in technology companies? What every employee should know about layoffs and co-operation negotiations?


  • The Salary Surveyor - The Salary Surveyor is a database tool, that allows you to check the salary levels for different positions in your field. The information is based on the annual labour market survey carried out by TEK.
  • Personal salary counselling - For personal advice on salaries in Finland and abroad, please contact us by e-mail palkat(ät) or phone (09) 229 121. 

  • Starter salary recommendations - Based on TEK's annual student survey, you are able to check our salary recommendations for internships, thesis works and first jobs. 


  • Employment relationship counselling - Our lawyers offer our members personal help with working life-related legal matters. Advice is available for topics such as employment disputes and preparing employment contracts. 
  • Legal databank (in Finnish) - Work-related legal information online.
  • eLakimies legal information service (in Finnish) - The interactive online service offers answers to the most common questions concerning employment.
  • Advice on family and inheritance law from our lawyers.


* Personal coaching is available for full members and students close to graduation. 

INSURANCEs for your career

  • Unemployment Insurance - If you become unemployed, and you have paid your unemployment fund membership fee, you may be eligible for unemployment support. 
  • Liability and Legal Aid Insurance is included in TEK's membership fee and covers legal expenses in employment-related disputes, as well as personal, material and property damage occurred during work. Applies for employees, sole proprietors and students.


  • Employee representatives - The employee representatives at your work place selected by your personnel group. They represent you and all Akava members in matters related to employment and help with the interpretation of collective labour agreements.
  • online service (mostly in Finnish) - Working life information service for people with a higher education degree. The service covers topics such as employment contracts and salaries.
  • Terms of employment - In addition to a personal employment contract, the general terms of employment and pay rises are negotiated between employer and employee unions. TEK participates in the collective labour agreement negotiations as a part of the Akava-based negotiation organisation YTN and JUKO.
  • Education and labour policy - TEK lobbies to affect education and labour policy in order to create competitiveness for Finland through expertise.
  • Technology policy - TEK strives to ensure a favourable industrial policy for technology professionals and enterprises.



  • Career evenings - Events (mostly in Finnish) are for TEK's full members covering themes such as careers, job hunting, occupational well-being and work-life balance. Some of the career evenings are streamed and recorded, so you can watch them online.
  • Young professionals’ forum - Coaching for enhancing your management and interaction skills as well as your professional brand. Intended for those that have graduated less than 5 years ago or are under 35 years old. 
  • Family science day - The best way to become interested in science is to try some yourself! Science activity points allow children to try out technological applications.
  • FITech offers university courses free of charge for degree students and adult learners. Whether you are already working or still in the middle of your studies, FITech study offering has something for everyone! You can choose courses from all technical universities in Finland.
  • Regional organisations and clubs offer opportunities for networking and leisure activities in great company (information in Finnish).
  • TEK Lounge - Space for TEK members for remote work, events and networking in Tampere and Lappeenranta. 



  • Aalto EE online programs provide a flexible way of updating your skills and competencies. We provide an offer of -20 % on all Aalto EE online programs until 30.9.2020 with the campaign code "tekonline".
  • Banking benefits - Danske Bank offers TEK members benefits on housing loans (lower margins, instalment-free periods without fees, stepped payment programme, more affordable daily banking services and no delivery or handling fees) and Etulaina loan without an opening fee.
  • Banking services for recent graduates - Danske Bank offers recently graduated TEK members (a maximum of two years after graduation) a package of benefits and services that may be worth as much as EUR 700 per year.
  • Fund investments without subscription and redemption fees at Evli Bank.
  • Insurance discounts - Pohjola Insurance offers a continuous 20% discount for travel insurance and a 5% discount for baggage insurance. The life insurance offered by If to TEK members is one of the most affordable in Finland.

  • Member+ member benefit portal - A joint portal for all Akava unions offering discounts for services related to, for example, travel, hobbies, cars and well-being.
  • A-lomat holiday service (in Member+ portal) - Supported family and well-being holidays, hostel benefits and affordable rental cabins around Finland through the A-lomat service.
  • - Invoicing service for TEK members at a 20% discount. 

  • Engineer’s Ring - In order to acquire the Engineer’s Ring, you need a ring certificate from TEK. Members receive a discount of EUR 50.
  • Psychologist’s services online, -10% from Therapion