We offer variety of insurance benefits for our members.


Most of TEK’s annual members (all graduate members of TEK, who pay TEK's membership fee) are insured against unemployment in The Unemployment fund for highly educated KOKO, which entitles them to earnings-related unemployment benefit. The unemployment fund membership fee is included in the full TEK membership fee.

Members are entitled to receive earnings-related unemployment benefit after graduation if they have completed 26 weeks (approx. 6 moths) of employment that fulfils KOKO fund's employment criteria, and have been a member of the unemployment fund for at least 26 weeks within the last 28 months. The fund membership fee is EUR 66 for the whole year  (in 2020).

Read more about the unemployment insurance here.


If you have to go to court because of unfair treatment at work, the TEK membership fee includes liability and legal aid insurance covering legal costs arising from contractual disputes, personal injury, and damage to material and property. To secure maximum compensation, you must seek the assistance of the TEK legal team before launching any legal process or signing any agreement. 

Insurance cover applies to individual members of TEK performing duties related to their post, job or profession. Furthermore, the insurance cover applies to individual members operating as independent entrepreneurs and performing full-time or part-time work assignments, with no employees.

Read more about terms and coverage here.


TEK members receive substantial benefits on insurance, on the basis of the cooperation agreement between TEK and insurance companies Pohjola and If. The group benefit insurance includes for example life and accident insurance, travel insurance and vehicle insurance. Your group benefit insurance coverage ends if your TEK membership ends. PLEASE NOTE THAT INSURANCES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE MEMBERSHIP FEE.

Pohjola's membership benefits (In Finnish. Service in English, please call +358 10 253 1333)

If's service for TEK members (In Finnish. Contact information in English here.)


The partner services included in TEK's membership benefits and the benefits provided by the partners are subject to the the service provider's terms of service and data protection.