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The Bold by Design online training is specifically designed for young experts in the areas of engineering and sciences, completing their master’s degree or during their first years working after graduating.

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In the Bold by Design online training, you get to explore what kind of life and work suits you and create inspirational future scenarios. The exercises of the training are intended to foster new thoughts in a relaxed way and encourage you to experiment and take on opportunities that you encounter. You can also write your own life story and strengthen your decision-making skills. You get concrete outcomes, that you can utilise in your daily professional life. The training is in English.

The training consists of versatile exercises and tasks that promote ideation and future planning. It is carried out on a learning platform and you can do it independently, setting your own schedule. Your reflections will not be shared with anyone else, they are intended for yourself only.

The Bold by Design training is based on career theories on social learning, career choice and career development, applied specifically in the life phase of the young adult building a personally meaningful career. 

The Bold by Design online training consists of seven units:

  • My story up to now
  • Me and others
  • Lucky coincidences
  • Interesting experiments
  • Preferable futures
  • I decide
  • Sources of energy

The training is available for both student and full members of TEK.

You can sign up for this training until November 30th 2021. The training closes on December 31st 2021.

To participate, you only need a computer device that is connected to the Internet. The training is also accessible on mobile devices. 

Register to the training via the link below, and you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the training. 

For more information on the online course, please contact:


Register by 30.11.2021