Active verbs describe your work experience

Use our list of verbs to help you out when describing your work experience on your CV.

Your CV should tell of your competence and experience in actual, concrete examples. Resorting to simply listing out tasks and responsibilities won't yet reveal to a recruiter, what you've actually done and accomplished. Take an active role and describe your experience using verbs. If you run out, check our verb list for inspiration!

Accelerate, accumulate, acquire, act, adapt, add, administrate, advise, alter, amend, analyse, anticipate, arrange, assign, assist, audit, automate, begin, budget, build, buy, calculate, capture, change, clarify, code, combine, communicate, compete, conduct, connect, construct, consult, control, construct, convince, coordinate, counsel, customise, cut, decide, decrease, define, deliver, design, determine, develop, direct, discover, distribute, draft, edit, educate, eliminate, employ, ensure, establish, estimate, examine, experiment, facilitate, finance, finish, form, found, generate, govern, graduate, grow, handle, head, hire, identify, increase, implement, incorporate, indicate, influence, improve, initiate, innovate, integrate, interrupt, interview, introduce, invent, invest, investigate, keep, launch, lead, lift, locate, maintain, manage, market, measure, merge, model, modify, motivate, negotiate, open, operate, order, organise, oversee, participate, patent, perform, pioneer, plan, practise, process, progress, provide, prepare, produce, program, protect, prove, provide, purchase, raise, realise, research, receive, recruit, redirect, re-engineer, reduce, refine, renew, regenerate, renovate, report, represent, research, respond, reveal, review, revise, save, schedule, secure, seize, select, sell, set, simplify, solve, stabilise, start, strengthen, study, succeed, supervise, supplement, supply, support, survey, systemise, take, teach, test, train, transport, travel, unify, win, work, write.