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Advice and information on our services for entrepreneur members and people considering entrepreneurship.

Approximately eight per cent of TEK members have entrepreneurship as a primary or secondary occupation. Furthermore, at least one in four members has considered entrepreneurship or at least showed interest in it. As a result, we have increased and improved our services for entrepreneurs and those interested in pursuing entrepreneurship.


TEK and other unions have established a joint association called Akateemiset yrittäjät AKY (Academic Entrepreneurs) which has become a trade association of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises. As a result of the cooperation, entrepreneur members of TEK can obtain the extensive service package of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises (EUR 65 / year) without having to separately join the Federation.

The extensive service package of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises contains the following:

  • Yrittäjäsanomat – the membership newspaper, 8 issues per year
  • Information session for entrepreneurs six times a year
  • counselling services
  • membership card and other member benefits
  • seminars at members’ prices
  • visibility in the redesigned Synergia, if wanted
  • newsletter from the Federation of Finnish Enterprises twice a month
  • access to the member pages with the personal membership number

Obtain the service package from the website of Federation of Finnish Enterprises.


TEK’s lawyers can help entrepreneur members for example in following matters related to entrepreneurship:

  • establishing a business
  • IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
  • entrepreneur´s unemployment security
  • creation of contracts (e.g. shareholders agreement).

Entrepreneurs' service hotline, tel. +358 (0)9 2291 2112

You can also contact TEK lawyers via the contact form.

For legal information on business operations, see also the Fondia's Virtual Lawyer service which is free for TEK members.

Fondia's telephone consultation

Fondia offers legal advice to TEK entrepreneurs as telephone consultations. You can reserve a 15 minute call to Fondia's expert on the following legal issues for free:

  • shareholder agreement
  • consultancy / subcontracting agreement
  • jurisdiction and financial issues in company law

Leave a contact request. Fondia's expert will call you in few days. If your question is complicated and 15 minutes is not enough to solve it, you can also negotiate with Fondia about a paid assignment.

Please contact directly the TEK lawyers if you have a question about your rights or responsibilities as an employee.


In addition to TEK members in employment relationships and official duties, TEK’s legal expenses insurance covers self-employed people who are not employing other people, and members practicing their profession via a business solely owned by themselves. In other words, this is a legal expenses and liability insurance for a professional.

Further information on TEK’s legal expenses and liability insurance from TEK lawyers.

Unemployment security for entrepreneurs - Membership in an unemployment fund is the only way to influence the amount of unemployment benefit. Manage your risks and join AYT. www.ayt.fi/en


TEK Entrepreneurs’ Club brings together TEK entrepreneurs and people interested in entrepreneurship. It is one of TEK’s youngest and largest clubs, offering up-to-date information on entrepreneurship in its blog and social media channels. The Club arranges get-togethers that enable you to meet other people that share your interests and can offer valuable peer support.


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